south asians

fastest growing minority: 110% growth in the 90s 4.8 million strong and growing...

indian diaspora 2.8 million

pakistani diaspora 0.8 million

bangladeshi diaspora 0.2 million

sri lankan diaspora 0.4 million

growth since 2000 0.6 million


four out of five between 25 years and 55 years.

62% between 25 years and 44 years.

few seniors. (only 6.5% of population)

four out of five arrived after 1980. over half arrived after 1990.

only one in four were born in usa

three of four speak english fluently. one in four speak it at home

four of five are married

86% of adults have bachelor’s degree or more.

nine of ten employed in the us work in corporate america

more than half of all women work.

average household income of $71,000, higher than national average

source: “we the people: asians in the united states’, us census bureau, us 2000 census.

asian american national report 1990


three distinct psychographic segments

early immigrants: 25%

nostalgia trippers. custodians of values. ghettoized.

second generation: 20%

identity seekers. assimilated. unique values and concerns.

recent immigrants: 55%

straddle two worlds. evolving perspective. assimilating.

english speaking but culturally distinct.

consume mainstream content substantially

mindset and content needs are different from peers back home.

Constantly compare two worlds to justify their decision to move.

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