H. R. Shah: Chairman and CEO of TV Asia

Mr. H. R. Shah is the first NRI to own and operate "TV Asia" Television Network to serve the South Asian community24/7 in North America. TV Asia is the first South Asian channel which has been available on satellite and cable since 1993. TV Asia is your own network, covering local programs from city to city. Mr.H.R.Shah a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist and community leader, Mr. H. R. Shah has endeared himself as a close friend of the Indian community throughout the United States for the last 30 years.

Now Mr. H.R. Shah has launched Radio Asia along with Mr.Paul (Jaspal) Suri.

Paul(Jaspal) Suriwho had launched the first 24/7 India radio station on the FM band on 14th August 1999.Mr. Suri has a strong and passionate belief in the "power of radio" and not a day goes by where he isn’t thinking of creative and innovative ways to reach the South Asian community with quality programming that appeals to them. Mr. Paul Suri’s "vision" is one that includes expanding the "Radio Asia" product not only nationwide, but also worldwide. One of the fundamental differences in Radio Asia’s programming as compared to the competition is the belief in "Live and Local Programming" which helps to reinforce that all important connection between the station and the listeners.

RADIO ASIA will have talk and music appealing anyone interested in South Asian lifestyles in the United States with its main focus on the Community and YOU! The Mission and Focus of Radio Asia is to meet and exceed the standards of the founding members, Mr. H. R. Shah and Mr. Paul Suri , while offering quality, informative, compelling and cutting-edge programming to our audience. Our programming will appeal to a vast range of listeners from kids and teens to parents and elders as determined by "strategic research" that was compiled to determine "what" the South Asian audience was missing from "their" radio dials.Radio Asia will use multiple forms of "social media" to keep the shows going even when the hosts are off the air. Instead of shying away from technology, Radio Asia chooses to embrace it. Listeners can currently access Radio Asia on multiple platforms from smartphones to pc’s, to a "Landline Listen Line," to verbal interaction on "Facebook", to "cd quality" sound on an HD (high definition) FM frequency and of course the "old reliable" standard FM radio.

RADIO ASIA brings you the best in music from Indian films, pop albums, Independent artists, as well as regional music, and also broadcast news, discussion programs, and movie reviews. RADIO ASIA covers news, along with music and events for South Asian Americans.(From India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka).


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